Who is Perth Artist mmmaciej?

mmmaciej is the moniker of Western Australian artist Maciej (Marcus) Napieraj. While it looks difficult to pronounce it’s actually pretty easy. Just say ma-chey. It is written with three m’s because the artist is much tastier than the person. Though if you’re a cannibal or an alien with a taste for human artists, please don’t eat him. He has many stories left to tell, and would really like to do so.

"He loves to carve useful utensils such as spoons and magical wizard sticks"

Being born in Poland, but raised in Australia had mmmaciej always looking for a place to belong. Being a stranger in both lands is an issue faced by many immigrants and for him it manifested as a strong sense of empathy for all humans and a desire to understand what existence means.

While never formally trained in fine art, mmmaciej has always loved to dabble with various techniques of creativity. Within him there is a strong desire to understand how things are made and then attempt to make them. He has a BA with a major in philosophy/religion and graphic design which have a major impact on the themes and style of his art but the desire to explore existence is what drives him most.

"The artist is much tastier than the person"

When asked by other folks what type of art he makes, the usual answer is printmaking. This, unfortunately, leaves many people staring blankly as there has for a long time, been confusion as to what printmaking actually is. (If you’re also a little confused, please have a read of this article). But printmaking is just the tip. mmmaciej is a maker of many things. He loves to carve greenwood into useful utensils such as spoons and magical wizard sticks. On occasion, he also attempts to sew costumes that match the various masks he creates.

In 2016 mmmaciej started blogging about some of his adventures in creativity in the hope of inspiring other people to try new things and get their own desire for creativity growing. His belief is that people avoid making art because they think that they are not creative when in reality, we all are and if we have a go it won't take long to find the desire to express yourself through art. The blog is called Plump Art Studio.