Not a famous artist, based in Fremantle, Western Australia

If you are looking for a famous Western Australian artist then you may be here a little early. On the other hand, if you want a local Perth Artist who has a varied practice, you've come to the right place. Experience the sometimes deep and sometimes irreverent stories of place, face, time, emotion, and existence.
mmmaciej was born in Poland but grew up in Australia. He is cross cultural and often pondering his identity, the definition of home, and the nature of reality. It's hard work trying to figure all this out but it does provide a lot of subject matter for exploring. If you look carefully you will sometimes see these stories within the art and perhaps even share in the experience.
The art of mmmaciej includes printmaking, sculpting & carving, painting, mask making, and digital artHe is a mask making, spoon carving, chainsaw wielding, chisel tapping, and resin setting maniac!
Working from his Fremantle Art Studio he tirelessly produces a prolific amount of work. Much of the art gets made for the simple joy of discovering techniques and to learn about art. Others get created because it's a great way to share time with friends and tell stories.

Traditional printmaking is not just something that is printed. It takes many forms and has even more definitions but generally involves creating a 'plate', inking it up, and then making an edition of prints! Think of them as multiples of the same original work.

To this day folks still argue over what constitutes a 'print'.  Some folks even argue that it's not even art but is in fact a craft. Some folks have yet to decide what is art.

Billy doesn't care about that because "Billy the Belligerent Bunny Bought A Brand New Badass Black Beast of Car So Bourgeois Bitches with Big Butts Would Breed With Him".

The story of Billy starts with this linocut made in 2016.

Masks have likely existed for as long as culture has. These artefacts are ancient, modern, and cross cultural. They have some unique abilities including the power to transform humans into gods, beasts, spirits, lovers, and many more.

From his Fremantle based studio, mmmaciej uses a variety of materials and techniques to create beautiful hand made masks. Often just for himself or to experiment, but sometimes you’ll find them available for trade.

To create a mask is to have a profound experience.
To possess a mask is to possess a legend.
To wear a mask is to go on a journey.

What's in a name?

mmmaciej is the artist, Maciej is a Polish name. It was his father's idea to name him that because it seemed like an excellent choice at the time. A relatively modern name, it connect him to his rich Slavic culture. His parents had no idea they were going to be moving to Australia in a mere two years. They had no idea of the problems being the kid with the weird name was going to cause.

As a child, mmmaciej always thought that chainsaws were pretty cool. Sometimes heroes would be heroic and use chainsaws to defend themselves. He had no idea that they could be a tool for creating beauty and not just an instrument of destruction!

Inspired by his brother, also an artist, mmmaciej started freeing stories from discarded logs using this amazing sculpting tool. It was a difficult transition as his initial foray in wood carving came in the form of traditional greenwood carving. This discipline involves a lot of knives and axes but no power tools.

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No pressure though. While it's lovely for an artists to be acknowledged you might not want irregular updates on his latest creations. You might not want to experience the monumental joy of pressing the 'like' button and feeding the narcissistic monster that lurks inside all of us.

There is a myth that surrounds digital art and electronic music; that somehow, it’s not real, that it’s all easily done by pushing a button, and that creating it doesn’t require the same level of skill as does it’s more physical sibling.

It does require pushing a button. Sometimes many buttons. Always many times. Click, click, click.

One day it will be just one click and some amazing technology will scan our thoughts and let even the most unimaginative of people/cyborgs make beautiful pictures that tell a story. Until that day though, experience this virtual gallery of digital art.

You can stay in touch in a variety of ways including social media, saying hello via the contact page, or signing up the the Plump Art Studio newsletter below.

Plump Art Studio is the beautiful and psychedelic birthplace of art made by mmmaciej. It's also his blog where he writes about cool tools, how he makes stuff, how he breaks stuff, and where you can get your hands on some of the art he creates.

Pushing paint around is the favoured discipline for many artists. There is something beautiful about mixing and layering colours to bring a story to life.

It amazing how an image can really draw a viewer in and let them experience another world. To smell the roses, to taste the fruit, to feel the love.

Painting is the newest artistic expression that mmmaciej is trying out. There are many works in progress, slowly drying, slowly evolving, and slowly getting added to this gallery.