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Not a famous artist, based in Fremantle, Western Australia

If you are looking for a famous Western Australian artist then you may be here a little early. On the other hand, if you want a local Perth Artist who has a varied practice, you've come to the right place. Experience the sometimes deep and sometimes irreverent stories of place, face, time, emotion, and existence.
mmmaciej was born in Poland but grew up in Australia. He is cross-cultural and often pondering his identity, the definition of home, and the nature of reality. It's hard work trying to figure all this out but it does provide a lot of subject matter for exploring. If you look carefully you will sometimes see these stories within the art and perhaps even share in the experience.
The art of mmmaciej includes printmaking, sculpting & carving, painting, mask making, and digital art.  He is a mask making, spoon carving, chainsaw wielding, chisel tapping, and resin setting maniac!
Working from his Fremantle Art Studio he tirelessly produces a prolific amount of work. Much of the art gets made for the simple joy of discovering techniques and to learn about art. Others get created because it's a great way to share time with friends and tell stories.
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